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Restylane Skin BoostersWHAT IS A SKIN BOOSTER?
Restylane Skinboosters offer a subtle, gradual change in skin quality and elasticity.  What you get is a natural but noticeably invigorated look to your skin that others will envy.

These versatile treatments work best on those fine, crêpey lines caused by over exposure to the sun, or on any other areas, which may be in need of hydration.

They basically boost the skin’s hydration system so it looks like its former plump and radiant self!


Your skin cells are known as fibroblasts, they are split into 3 sections containing Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid (HA).

As we age we lose these fibroblasts – hence the downward direction of our faces and lack of elasticity in the skin.  There are two ways we can wake up these skin cells to start producing more of these lost fibroblasts: the first is through chemical peels, and the second is by injecting the cells directly back into the skin with skin boosters.

Restylane Skinboosters are perfect for treating sun damaged and generally aged skin.  This tends to be on the face, neck, lips, back of the hands and décolletage.  This treatment is equally successful on men and women, and it is also suitable for both young and mature skins.  It has also proven to have huge benefits for those who may need to improve the structure of their skin, e.g. sufferers of acne scarring or photo damage.

A local anaesthetic, the same that your dentist would use to numb your teeth, is applied to the area being treated.  It usually takes 30-45 minutes for the cream to work and the skin will feel numb to touch.  A series of tiny injections are made all over the area being treated, but the cream applied will make this more comfortable for you.  The treatment takes 20-30 minutes.

While you may see results after just one treatment, for optimal results you will need an initial ‘start-up’ course of 3 treatment sessions, 2-4 weeks apart.  The body will gradually break down the H.A in Restylane Skinboosters over the course of the year.  In order to sustain your new, wonderful skin, it is recommended to have further treatments every 9-11 months.  This very much depends on how you look after your body and skin in between times.  Obviously, all after care creams will be provided to use for the week after your treatments.

Restylane Skinbooster is a gel like substance that closely resembles the bodies own Hyaluronic Acid (HA). So, essentially, you are just replenishing your body with HAs that are lacking or depleted.  There has never been an allergic reaction to these semi permanent fillers as we are merely reproducing something already in our skin cells.  This is not to be confused with the permanent filler, collagen (mis)used in the ‘trout pouts’ and ‘botched bodies’ that are way too evident on our TVs and in our press.  This collagen is taken from the bovine of cows, so it is cows collagen and may not be totally suitable for humans!

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. Consultations can be booked over the phone or email if you need to be more discreet.
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